You may not be aware of it, but this is one of the most environmentally-friendly vessels. Firstly, you should know that the anti-fouling treatment we carry out on the hull uses biocide-free paint. Currently is the treatment that most respects the sea and its bio-diversity. This catamaran uses the same amount of fuel in one week as a motor-boat does in 3 hours, and even less if the sails are hoisted. Sailing is the planet’s most sustainable means of transport, and also leads to an intense feeling of happiness. Remember that this catamaran is self-sufficient, given its water purifier and solar panels, so you only come into port if you want to.

All the paper used on board is recycled, the soaps, detergents, and disinfectants are made with environmentally friendly natural products, and we recycle the trash.

This catamaran will offer you courtesy vegan sun-cream. Using them, you’ll contribute to the protection of our planet as, unlike other creams, its formula is free of oxybenzone, a substance that harms seabed flora and coral.

This fantastic eco-friendly catamaran is run by an exceptional crew: excellent professionals who really enjoy their work, and will make your stay an unforgettable one. Thanks to them, and our commitment to the environment, we can offer you both responsible sailing and a unique experience.

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