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Explore Formentera

Dive into the crystal clear water in Illetes, considered Europe’s best beach according to TripAdvisor, see a breathtaking sunset with your favourite music on in the background, and end the day anchoring under the blanket of stars covering the Espalmador waters, while enjoying a cocktail with your loved ones.

Imagine waking up the next day and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the heart of this incredible nature indulgence.

Magical Ibiza

Enjoy the marvellous bays in Ibiza from a fresh perspective, you can admire the incredible colours that can only be truly appreciated from the sea, go around the island and feel the sea breeze stroke you while exploring so many charming corners that you could have never even imagined existing, and the skipper would be delighted to show you.

Sail around Es Vedra and soak in its magnetism. There is a new Ibiza to explore by sea, don’t miss out…

Leisure and cuisine

When you want to set foot on land, the skipper can book the Beach Club restaurant or the evening show that you most want to see, he lives in Ibiza, and knows the island very well, if you want any suggestions of where to visit or what to see, just ask him, and he can recommend the beach clubs on the island, the most delicious food, he can take you to the most famous and busy areas as well as the lesser known and more peaceful areas, sometimes due to their difficult to get to location or because not many people know about them.

The beautiful islands

If you fancy losing yourself in the gorgeous Mediterranean waters and exploring the scenery without having to step foot on land, then we recommend to sail to Majorca and Menorca, stopping in Cabrera, to find out the secrets of this small island south of Majorca, all of which is part of a protected nature park, you can’t have imagined that such a remote and less travelled land would hide so much peace and beauty. An additional day of sailing, and you can wake up in any of the incredible Menorca beaches, perfect for a bit of morning snorkelling or paddle surfing.

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